On a totally not animal liberation matter. I have eczema on my hands since a couple of months, and I don't know how long it will take for my skin to look normal again. 😐

Before going vegan I didn't like dates. Now I'm eating sukkari and it's like eating candies without the nasty chemicals 🤓 animalliberation.social/media/

So yeah some unions in France are upset about videos of factory farming from L214 🙃

It's not like this industry was a heaven for workers...


Aaand there another circus in town. I wonder how much they pay the mayor to come there. 🤔

Hello there! Have heard of MagiC JacK? No? Well then here is his latest video. And if you haven't already go watch the Judgment. A 30min short movie about the judgment of Mr. Carnist youtu.be/jzW_m3ok-i0

NSA: Built doomsday cyberweapons
FBI: This site requires Internet Explorer

How not to die finally available in French. Now my family and friends who don't speak English can learn more on how their diet can improve their health animalliberation.social/media/

Trying to make people read the latest 21 days vegan challenge while commuting

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