#PeerTube by @Framasoft is #FLOSS (of course), integrates torrenting, and is also #federated! Couldn't ask for a better a̶l̶t̶e̶r̶n̶a̶t̶i̶v̶e̶ replacement for #Youtube 👏


#Work sucks. We forgot that we weren't born to work, didn't chose to be born and all this shit isn't our fault.

looks like pedo, Roy Moore is back on top in Alabama. I guess Alabama is exactly as backwards as we all think it is.

oh, so shitexpress.com sends horse manure to anyone you want or "hate" and you can stay anonymous (bitcoin/paypal). and operates from Slovenia! (that's kinda telling of slovenian enterpreneurship)


“We stand now where two roads diverge. But unlike the roads in Robert Frost’s familiar poem, they are not equally fair. The road we have long been traveling is deceptively easy, a smooth superhighway on which we progress with great speed, but at its end lies disaster. The other fork of the road — the one less traveled by — offers our last, our only chance to reach a destination that assures the preservation of the earth.”
-- Rachel Carson (written over 50 years ago) #enviroment

rice and pear crisp with reverse spherified prickly pear cactus fruit. https://animalliberation.social/media/34Fpw-ewtlWEs9SMD0E

Tofu ricotta ravioli and kobocha squash with hedgehog and black trumpet mushrooms in creamy potato and formhouse golden ale sauce.

#HeatherHeyer, who died in #Charlottesville: Tragically, both medics were ordered by the police to stop CPR http://qttr.at/1x1n

Roasted summer squash and scallions with mustard greens in garlic mustard, pistachio pesto and pomegranate molasses reduction.

Fried yellow oyster mushroom, smokey soy milk foam and mustard greens over blueberry balsamic reduction.

#VegVisits is an accommodation sharing site for #vegan and #vegetarian hosts and couchsurfers
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