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@cbowdon @charlag I'm glad you finally had success!! The path is so different for everyone 💚

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🏳️‍🌈 PRIDE 👏🏻 MONTH 🎉

Brands that don't test on animals:
:monkey_face: :rabbit: :mouse: :dog:

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@ntk @dixongexpat @normat42 Omg what is happening on this thread :joy: :joy: :joy:

@ntk Lol wait, are you in Philly??? Me too! Would love to meet up IRL and have this talk in person since there's a lot of messages to keep up with :D

@ntk Also, just on a personal note, as someone who has lived below the poverty line for the majority of my life - I have never had an issue buying vegan food or products. It just takes a little bit of effort to educate yourself and read some labels. Really not that hard in my experience. If someone is looking for affordable brands that don't test on animals I could recommend one for nearly every type of thing I use regularly.

@ntk It's actually not that hard to find products that aren't tested on animals at an affordable price. Many common brands that you can get at Target are not tested on animals.

It's true that some may be more expensive, but if someone honestly can not afford to buy soap that is $.50 cheaper than they are not really who I am addressing my concerns to.

@ntk Best guess we have on number of mice used in labs annually is over 100 million (but they are unregulated under the animal welfare act so it is hard to be sure).

I would be 99% willing to bet that this is wayyyy more than are trapped and killed in homes annually.

@ntk @dixongexpat Lol I'm def not saying that this is the "vegan" answer. You just asked about one random thing I told you my best guess and also told you that I have struggled with this exact dilemma. I'm not sure what the best solution is and am open to exploring more ethical solutions. Also depends on each unique situation what would be best for the mouse.

Also, I have been in that situation? Didn't I send you a picture of the house I made for a mouse? Lol

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@alex gtfo 😂😂😂

@charlag Yeah! @alex @frankencute and @vegandissonance off the top of my head! Also pretty much the entire instance hahaha 😂😂 You can def always talk to me, too! Community is so important 💙

Where do you live? Do you have many vegan friends IRL?

@cbowdon Totally! Tbh we are all always a work in progress. I would say to be careful because it is easier to slip backwards when you have taken less of a strong stance, I think, but as long as you are committed to moving forward I think it can work!

Maybe try setting a timeline for yourself with clear goals to get you there? And have someone hold you accountable! It's hardest to make a change when you feel alone in it. Community is so important!

If you are too shy to ask.... Here is a great place to start on going vegan for the animals! 💜💙💚 Do it, do it, do it!! I will be your personal guide if you need!!

@cbowdon Some people have a long road to veganism, and others go "cold tofu" over night! Personally I started by being vegetarian and then switched to vegan a year later. I think that method tends to work well for a lot of people :)

Other people have tried going vegan for just one month first and seeing how it feels. Most people find that once you get over the initial hump it's not as hard as you'd think!

Do you think you would be able to commit to making a small change first?