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Go #vegan. Stop supporting animal abuse.
Collection of storys ofpigs fighting back the oppressors: Who does other storys know? with even lethal ending for the farmer. Less violent storys but they took themselves out of the hell jumping from the transport
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10k users missing until we have 1mio registered accounts on #mastodon
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Freegan arguments such as using the corpses and secretions of animals that are not directly paid for is better bc it doesn't directly contribute monetarily to these industries or that is more respectful to honour the dead body by eating it, does nothing to develop a radical critique outside of the narrow lens provided by capitalism itself. This last argument is inherently speciesist in the sense that no #freegan would attempt to eat your dead dog to prevent their corpse from going to waste.
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transgender day of remembrance, bad things mentioned 

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anarchist structures can scale to any size.
For anarchy it's not the size that matters but the way things are organized.


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#Sookee, a german artist using #music to raise the voice about topics like #sexism, #feminism, #queer, #antifa, #anarchism...

In this song she brings gender equality into the spotlight through showing how absurd it is to just believe in cis.

The song is called 'queere tiere' meaning 'queer animals'.
...and there is nothing more normal among aimals to be queer, except for homo sapiens...they are foolish

#tootradio #AnarchyMonday #deutschrap

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@alex I am wondering why this instance is running with a version <1.3
Since the user experience with this instance is a bit different from others, it might be due to the version?
e.g. not all toots from the people in fediverse I follow show up in my home section. Also there seems to be a greater time lag in the federal timeline than at other instances.

Permanent Contract at Animal Equality in Berlin for Video-Production

Festanstellung bei animal equality in Berlinim Bereich Video-Produktion

An Interview with Melanie Joy published 2 days ago is truely inspiring and gives me hope:

A new book will be published - hopefully soon.

Has anyone read the book

"Strategic Action for Animals: A Handbook on Strategic Movement Building, Organizing, and Activism for Animal Liberation" ?

@frankencute @alex @vegandissonance @marykatefain

Hey, do you participate in/organize a "march to close all slaughterhouses"? It's said there are demonstrations all over the globe on june 10th.

hey alex, is there a reason that sometimes notifications are delayed? Today, I got 2 notifications that should be 2 days old.

The same thing happens in the federate timeline. A message 2 hours ago is followed by a messages 3 days ago.

There are so many good reasons for going

+ environment issue
+ climate change
+ ethical issues
+ world hunger
+ health issues .org

what reasons are the most effective when it comes to persuade others of going vegan?

Does anyone participated in a workshop of ?


News on Carnism

Beliefs surrounding the practice of eating animals are widely held, and have been argued to constitute an ideology named carnism (Joy, 2009). We developed and validated the novel Carnism Inventory to measure two positively related components of carnistic beliefs: carnistic defense and carnistic domination. We anticipated that carnistic defense would legitimate the practice of eating animals,

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