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Lately I've been working on a community forum for Liberation Pledge takers to seek help and share success stories. If you haven't taken the pledge, I highly suggest it!

An Interview with Melanie Joy published 2 days ago is truely inspiring and gives me hope:

A new book will be published - hopefully soon.

Has anyone read the book

"Strategic Action for Animals: A Handbook on Strategic Movement Building, Organizing, and Activism for Animal Liberation" ?

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The site went down last night at about 4am EST. I think it was from the web host (DigitalOcean) doing maintenance. Sorry if you tried to get on and couldn't.

If you've considered taking the liberation pledge but need help, please post here!

Everyone would be a communist if they had the foresight to know why it's necessary.

If you hate capitalism you should also hate carnism, the normalization of violence towards and consumption of animals.

TIL the singer of "This Land is Your Land" was a communist. ?

Super tasty thing from FakeCheezcake. Really. I mean it.
(I will never liked "real" cheesecakes actually)

I wish I could argue specific metrics for why Mastodon is better than Facebook, but the proprietariness of Facebook prevents us from even doing that. Case in point? If I want to determine post reach in Mastodon I can just look at the code and crunch some numbers because I know how the algorithm works. With Facebook I would have to create hundreds of test accounts and stage a test environment. It's a science like exploring the unexplored universe despite being a human creation. That's wrong.

If you are too shy to ask.... Here is a great place to start on going vegan for the animals! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š Do it, do it, do it!! I will be your personal guide if you need!!

I hate capitalism... but I'm just trying to make it out there, you know? I've got to provide FIDGET SPINNERS for my family somehow.

Who wants to go vegan and stop hurting animals but doesn't know where to start??? I will help you!!!

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