We had a minor service outage between Feb 22, 2018 and Oct 6, 2019. Everything is working okay now.

@alex @boob @alex you legit look like a edgy youtube gamer in that picture

@boob @Meeper @alex Yeah dude, I changed a lot. I really had a rude awakening after getting cancelled. I had to accept I was wrong, about pretty much everything, which is something most people try hard to avoid.

@alex @boob @alex

I am grateful that I got competent psychological counseling, wihch allowed me (at least rationally) to progress towards this kind of perceptive change without experiencing major consequences.

@Meeper @alex @boob I went to a psychologist once and spent an hour spilling my guts out about all the crazy stuff that had happened to me. I thought we were really making progress but then our neighbors attacked us later that week and we noped the fuck out of Philadelphia.

@alex @alex @boob

I’d love to listen about those crazy escapades and I am glad to see how you have improved

@Rude @Meeper @alex @boob Poor black neighborhood in West Philly. Literally the place Will Smith had to escape from. Neignbords didn't like the plants @mk put in the front yard and constantly harassed us about it for nearly a year. They were always drunk and insulting us any time we came and left the house even though we never said anything to them and tried to mind our own business. So we put up a screen on our porch to block them, and they started harassing us even more. Then a few days later, the screen disappeared. I confronted them about it and we ended up yelling at each other. She called some guy on the phone and told him to come "deal with". He showed up and lunged at us with what appeared to be a gun. We ran screaming into the basement trying frantically to dial 911 while the neighbors stomped around inside our house yelling at us. Finally the cops came and arrested her and took us to the station. They found the guy but didn't find a gun, but did find other weapons. The next day we launched Spinster. Then we packed some clothes and our cat and got in a plane to Texas. Then we had to drive a car from Texas to Philadelphia and load all our shit into a Pod for three days while the neighbors harassed us more. Then we drove back and now I'm trying to build the fediverse.
@boob @Meeper @Rude @alex @mk Btw there's also the whole story of how we ended up in that neighborhood. It's a real "riches to rags" story.
@boob @Meeper @Rude @alex @mk No that was the "riches" part. That house was a fucking luxury, it was a mansion by Philadelphia rowhome standards. Our roommates really fucked it up and lead to us all being a lot worse off.
@alex @Meeper @Rude @alex @mk Hmm... I live in a pretty poor-off community, but it's an apartment with a lot of land separated by woods, so I don't really have neighbors except for co-inhabitants.

I think, assuming I was on my own, I'd probably live out of my car in parking lots before a legit ghetto.
@boob @Meeper @Rude @alex @mk We have a cat. At the time we also had a chicken we rescued from a slaughterhouse. She died there.

@alex @Rude @alex @boob @mk

That was pretty crazy…. You would’ve been pretty shaken later

@alex @Meeper @alex @boob @mk Doesn't actually sound like too uncommon a story actually. Know lots of people who have been targeted for 'gentrification' of a neighborhood that used to be only black. Constant break-ins and vandalism until they give up and move out.
@Rude @Meeper @alex @boob @mk Controversial thing to say, but I really do think they hated us for being white. Meanwhile I had been involved in more Black Lives Matter protests than them and they didn't even know it.
@alex @Meeper @alex @boob @mk I spent half my life living in poor neighborhoods. Im now convinced most people do not want to better themselves and have a disdain for any change whatsoever. Seeing others attempt to improve sends them into fits.
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