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@allilengyi I've been focused on local activism lately and not had time to update this site. I plan to do so within the month. The biggest piece is that my CSS styling will need to be redone now that there is actually a way to do theming in Mastodon. It was being overridden each update.

"There are 210 million orphans in the world, 15% of whom will commit suicide by age 18"

This is why having biological children is unethical. If you must have children, the only ethical way is to adopt.

I just saw an empty bag of pet treats on the ground marketed as "party mix."

@vegan_chef_roger That is the point. Walk with a group of AR activists on a way to a protest and watch how few of them give change to a homeless person they pass.

I keep seeing these so called "activists" holding signs that say "Hungry. Need help." Why don't you do some real activism, like "Animal Liberation Now"?

(This is a self parody of animal rights groups.)

I keep seeing the label "guilt free" applied to low calorie foods. As @Marykate said, it's not "guilt free" if you're consuming another animal's body or breast milk. To use that phrase while contributing to violence is irrational and selfish.

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Lately I've been working on a community forum for Liberation Pledge takers to seek help and share success stories. If you haven't taken the pledge, I highly suggest it! #liberationpledge #animalliberation #vegan

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An Interview with Melanie Joy published 2 days ago is truely inspiring and gives me hope:


A new book will be published - hopefully soon.

Has anyone read the book

"Strategic Action for Animals: A Handbook on Strategic Movement Building, Organizing, and Activism for Animal Liberation" ?

@frankencute @alex @vegandissonance @marykatefain

The site went down last night at about 4am EST. I think it was from the web host (DigitalOcean) doing maintenance. Sorry if you tried to get on and couldn't.

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If you've considered taking the liberation pledge but need help, please post here!

This chicken runs up and greets his human like a dog.

@Moshpirit @Gargron Thanks for the heads up, I've noticed that as well. I'm quite swamped with work but will try to upgrade this site ASAP. Hopefully some time this week.

Everyone would be a communist if they had the foresight to know why it's necessary.

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@Darteous I've seen the second one in passing, still don't quite understand either of them.

BTW do you want to join us on Riot? I made a DxE room.

If you hate capitalism you should also hate carnism, the normalization of violence towards and consumption of animals.